Ransohoff machine

Ransohoff Machine ISO View 2

Getrag Engineers requested Grand to come up with a solution to a problem they had when using an air line to remove excess fluid to components when degreasing by hand.

Project details

Working along side Getrag Engineers, we designed and built a stainless steel enclosed booth with a drip tray that fed any access fluid back into the ransohoff machine, this omitted any input from the operator emptying fluid back into the machine from collection tanks.

During the design process we also designed a new collection basket and docking system which allowed the operator to have multiple components draining back into the ransohoff machine whilst manual cleaning was in progress.

To further increase the operators vision whilst cleaning the components we introduced a makralon lid and sides to the booth which also allowed lighting from other areas to improve the operator’s vision of the component and omitted the need for secondary lighting to the booth.We designed the docking station to be locked into position using the same bolts that secured the lid mechanism to the ransohoff machine this allowed the lid to be closed when moving.

We placed the first machine on site to let the operators and Engineers spot any adjustments before finalising all seven booths. Thankfully this resulted in some minor changes to our design and the balance of the booths where manufactured and are now in production at Getrag – Ford Transmissions.



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