CE Marking

CE marking became mandatory in July 2014 for fabricated structural steelwork projects.

Within CE marking, multiple execution classes apply and to ensure that the required standards are met for a specific project, only steelwork contractors with an Execution Class equal to that required for a project should be considered. Grand Engineering is no exception and is proud to be certified to CE Execution Class 2, this class covers the majority of buildings, both residential and public, throughout the UK.

CE marking requirements

In order for a manufacturer to be CE-certified, a conformity assessment must be passed, a technical file set up and a declaration, stipulated by the leading legislation for the product in question, must be signed. This documentation must be made available to authorities on request.

By placing the CE marking on a product, a manufacturer is declaring conformity with all of the legal requirements associated as well as ensuring the validity for that product to be sold throughout the European Economic Area (EEA).

Why is CE marking important?

It is a legal requirement for construction products to be CE-certified and shows that the manufacturer meets all EU legislation requirements. The standardisation not only allows a manufacturer to sell their products within the EEA and permits free movement of that product, it also indicates to clients and customers that the product meets a degree of quality relating to safety, health and environmental impact that companies without CE-certification would otherwise lack.


For further information, please download the CE Marking – Steel Construction booklet provided in the link below:

Latest news

BS EN 1090-1:2009 (8th Dec)

Grand Engineering have recently had our annual audit for BS EN 1090 and is really pleased to say we excelled ourselves – the auditor was really impressed! He quoted that “this is by far THE best steel fabricator company I have ever come across”. It meant so much to hear those words as we as a company know how hard we work in order to be the best there is! #hardworkpaysoff

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